RPULSE: Collect your pulses remotely

Sometimes, you need to connect your gas or water meter to your data collector system. However, this meter could be hundreds meters away... You cannot use such a long wire to transfer this pulse. MyMeterInfo proposes the RPULSE to replace this wire with radio transmission.

The product consists in having a Pulse Collector Sensor Module (available with ATEX Zone 0 certification for gas meter usage) to be connected on the meter on one side, whereas a small 2U DIN box receiver is receiving this remote information and re-creates the pulse output locally to be connected to your data collector (Datalogger, Automate, etc.).

The system exists in both ISM 868MHz or LoRaTM ISM 169MHz for longer distance.

Pulse Capture Sensor ModuleRemote Pulse Receiver

        MMI-VNODE (Pulse Collector Sensor Module) MMI-VRPULSE (Remote Pulse Receiver)

LoRaTM (Long Range) is a trademark of Semtech

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