New product MMI-XP2


The MMI-XP2 is a family of pulse extenders and replicators.

The MMI-XP2 is a family of pulse extenders and replicators that allows several external devices to share a single meter pulse output. The MMI-XP2 device will filter and validate the input pulse and replicate the latter on two separate and independent pulse outputs.

The pulse outputs are conditioned and formatted to always issue the same pulse duration and frequency regardless of the duration and frequency of the input pulse.

The MMI-XP2 family of devices are self powered by a battery that is designed for 10+ years of operation (ULP® System) or a maximum of 40+ million pulses delivered. A version that accepts an external power supply (from 4.5 to 24 Volts) is available.

ATEX Zone 0 certification, for gas meter usage, is available on some MMI-XP2 device models. All versions, except external power version, are IP-68 for water meter usage.

The pulse input can be replaced by an integrated magnetic sensor, allowing the MMI-XP2 to be directly attached to meters that still have an integrated magnet in the index, but have defective or missing pulse output generators.